MiniStation Air stampedes to festive success

Our new MiniStation Air device has really taken off in the past few weeks, and has emerged as one of the UK’s most popular gadget gifts this Christmas.hdw-pu3_m1

On Monday night (December 3) popular tech experts Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward waxed lyrical about the benefits of the portable storage device on the Christmas Special of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. You can watch this in the show’s ‘On The Go’ section here, or click here to watch the show in its entirety.

We’ve also had a series of great write-ups and reviews of the device by some of the UK’s leading tech publications such as Tap!, which recently recommended it as a great, affordable Christmas gadget gift in its special Christmas edition.

So what’s so great about the MiniStation Air I hear you ask? Well… have you ever left the house for a day or gone on holiday for a couple of weeks, only to realise you had forgotten to upload the song, album or movie you really fancied listening to or watching on your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Well, the good news is that the MiniStation Air solves this problem (unless you have a seriously massive amount of music or movies!) By syncing up to 500GB of data and media files from a PC onto the device smartphone, tablet and laptops you can then wirelessly access it on the go, whenever and wherever you like – whether its on the train, catching some rays on a faraway beach, in a hotel or in the park.

The MiniStation Air is perfect for whiling away hours battling through festive traffic jams and train journeys, keeping the family entertained with countless Christmas movies and songs, and if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday over the festive break. It’s like picking up your PC hard drive and taking it away on holiday with you.

To get your hands on the MiniStation Air this Christmas visit Scan, which has the lowest current price point of £99.98 including VAT, as well as Amazon and Dabs.

And click here for more information on the device.


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