Buffalo exhibits at CES in Las Vegas

Last week Buffalo Technology exhibited at the world’s largest technology event, CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The show was a great success as we showed off our latest innovations in consumer and business storage, portable storage and wireless technology that will be coming to the UK in the next 12 months.


The Buffalo stand at CES

We were joined at CES by the consumer electronics industry’s biggest names and hottest new start-ups, all showcasing their latest and greatest products and gadgets to the world.


Samsung‘s 110-inch TVs

As expected a host of exciting new gadgets from up and coming start-ups grabbed the limelight. These included dancing ‘UFOs’ that greeted visitors once they had completed their event registration, and the latest in wrist fashion with Pebble Watch, which displays the time in a plethora of innovative methods including the intriguing binary mode.

When it came to the industry’s major players there was little in the way of new launches, but the main theme seemed to be ‘the bigger, the better.’ The likes of Samsung, Sony and Panasonic proudly boasted outrageously oversized TV screens, such as Samsung’s 110-inch monster telly, and 4K TV, which offers four times greater resolutions than a regular screen.

2013-01-09 12.59.55 (Rob Latham's conflicted copy 2013-01-17)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Away from televisions, Samsung’s main on-stand focus was its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 2, which launched just a few months ago. Of course this is a great phone, but like any smartphone there’s only a limited amount of memory available to users. Anyone looking to buy the Galaxy Note 2 can boost their on-the-go media collection by complimenting it with the Buffalo MiniStation Air portable storage device. The MiniStation Air enables users to take up to 500GB of their favourite music and movies on the go, and stream it to the phone wirelessly without the need for Wi-Fi.

Continuing the theme of ‘bigger is better’ was a series of new so-called ‘phablets’ from the likes of Chinese company Huawei, which cross the border between phone and tablet with super-sized 6-inch screens.

Attracting attention on the camera front was Canon’s Powershot N product, the diminutive device that also allows users to wirelessly transfer their photos and videos. This camera is perfectly compatible with Buffalo’s LinkStation device, which enables even the most avid photographer to store their entire image portfolio safely and securely and wirelessly stream to the device via the WebAccess app.

A Toshiba 'Slider' - a table meets laptop

A Toshiba ‘Slider’ – a table meets laptop

Toshiba had a series of innovative products on show, including the Satellite U925t ‘Slider.’ The Windows 8 laptop-come-tablet combines on-the-go ease of use of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop. Toshiba also gave visitors the chance to try out its all-in-one touch LX385 desktop PC and its Satellite L955 laptop widescreen laptop, which again operate on Windows 8. All these products are compatible with Buffalo’s range of laptop accessories, such as the super speed 4-port USB3.0 express card.


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