Buffalo’s Partner Portal

Partnerships are based on mutual benefits and we work with a network of leading partners to deliver the best-in-class NAS and networking infrastructure solutions. To deliver value to customers we provide tools and technologies that are designed to grow your business, and enhance customer profitability. As a partner-focused company, we’re committed to fostering relationships to deliver industry-leading wireless and storage options. We collaborate in order to market, sell, and support networking solutions and services through the joint activities of our Partner Portal.

Our Partner Portal, in its 4th year and with over 4000 registered partners across Europe, it is designed to support the Channel 24/7 with product information and materials. We offer this content in seven languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

The portal offers opportunities for retailers to work directly alongside Buffalo, whilst providing information on new products launches, product images and sales tools. Exclusive images and product information is available to all registered dealers through our user-friendly online interface. Too often you’re doomed to click through endless pages of offers without finding the correct device or information; however our portal has been designed to find all desired information in just a few simple steps.

Registered Resellers receive newsletters on new products, sales promotions, movers and shakers, and places to meet our Buffalo team. We don’t spam people though – we only send newsletters if there is really something to share and talk about. Take a look at our Partner Portal and discover more about the world of Buffalo!


–          Julia Molzen, Senior Manager Marketing & PR Europe, Buffalo Technology


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