The Digital Economy – CeBIT 2016

Buffalo recently joined the biggest names in the technology industry for CeBIT 2016. The annual event, as always, showcased the very latest and exciting innovations that are shaping the technology landscape.

The ‘digital economy’ was the theme of the event, and it didn’t disappoint, featuring more than 500 examples of digitalisation and bringing to life the Internet of Things. Some of the most exciting things we saw at the event was the first wheeled service robot and a street lamp which can double as a charging station for electric vehicles.

During the event, Buffalo presented some of its newest devices, including the TeraStation WSH5610 with Windows Storage Server and Hardware RAID, MiniStation Extreme NFC Enterprise as well as the LS510 and LS510DE, marking the completion of the LS500 range.

With big data growing at an unprecedented rate, IDC forecast predicts the big data market will grow at a 26.4% compound annual growth rate through 2018. The need for flexible and expanding devices to store this data has never been more important.

Buffalo’s LS500 range is perfect for anyone looking to back up, enjoy and share those special memories. The new RAID expansion provides flexible storage to consumers without compromising important data such as photos and movies.

In the business area Buffalo showcased two new devices, which highlight Buffalo’s commitment to security and the protection of data without compromising performance. The new TeraStation WS5610 features a Buffalo proprietary Hardware RAID controller enabling faster, more-reliable storage with well-known security, stability, and management advantages. Hardware RAID separates the operating system (OS) from storage, and allows each to run consecutively without affecting the device’s overall performance.

If you want to know more about NAS and selecting the right device for you, find out how Buffalo can help you here.


Looking back over our favourites moments

New product launches, events, exhibitions, seminars, services and a new partnership – it was quite a year for the Buffalo Europe team in 2015. With so many fantastic things going on, we struggled to pick just one favourite moment so we have selected some of our main highlights from the year.

The launch of the LinkStation 520

In September we launched our latest consumer NAS (Network Attached Storage) device in the LinkStation range. Its large capacity, new intuitive user interface and super fast transfer rates make the LinkStation 520 ideal for home use and also home offices. Users can store, organise and stream media files from any computer, smartphone or tablet and access them from any location at the click of a button.

MISCO Expo 2015

MISCO is an annual event that gives IT professionals an opportunity to view the very latest innovations that the industry has to offer. We returned to exhibit the latest Buffalo technology.

As always, the event was a fantastic success and it was great to showcase alongside the products and solutions that are shaping today’s technology landscape.

We’re already looking forward to MISCO Expo 2016.

New UPS Drop-Off Service

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we now offer a new UPS drop-off service. This means that if for any reason there is a defect with an item during the warranty period, you can return and exchange products as quick and easily as possible. You can find out more about the service here.

Extended warranty for TeraStations

In September we introduced extended warranty on all new purchases of fully-populated TeraStation devices. Customers now have the opportunity to purchase a warranty extension of one or two years. In addition to our standard warranty period, this means that all TeraStation devices will be secure and protected for up to five years – which is above industry standard. Furthermore, our extended warranty customers are guaranteed a hard drive replacement within 24 hours of if for any reason there is system failure or damage.

Kroll Ontrack partnership

We were excited to announce our new partnership with data recovery experts Kroll Ontrack in November. We are proud that our devices are in-built with robust and varied back-up functionalities; however, there are certain circumstances in which data loss can occur, even with the most capable back-up strategy. Failing technology, human error and natural disasters, such as fire or flooding, can all cause data loss. Access to Kroll Ontrack provides our customers with peace of mind.

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An intro to Raj Patel, B2B Manager UK & Ireland at Buffalo Technology

We sat down with Raj Patel, B2B Manager UK & Ireland at Buffalo Technology, to discuss all things Buffalo including exciting products on the pipeline and what the future holds for the company.

Give us a little introduction to yourself

I’ve worked at a range of companies in various corporate sales and management roles. I have been in the B2B technology sector for over 20 years – this period has flown by! I was at Sony for seven years, which was a great experience and put me in good stead for working at Buffalo.

What is your role at Buffalo and how long have you been with the company?

I am currently B2B Sales manager for UK and Ireland and I have occupied this position for just over a year, although it feels like much longer! My responsibilities include working with key Distribution partners and resellers, and ensuring sales and profit growth within the agreed timescale and projection.

Can you tell us a bit more about Buffalo as a company?

We are a global manufacturer of storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products for the home and business use.

Something that not many people are aware of is that we were the worldwide consumer NAS market leader 6 years in a row! That is quite an achievement in such a crowded market, but not something we are known for.

What products do Buffalo provide and how does it fit in to the computer hardware landscape?

We produce storage or networking technology geared towards home offices or small and medium sized businesses. We manufacture network attached storage devices (NAS), portable and desktop hard drives, multimedia players, and Wireless LAN routers.

Our portable and desktop hard drive range is designed for those users who are looking for that extra level of storage and data security away from built in memory.

What makes Buffalo stand out from their competitors/What makes Buffalo special?

You’ll have to ask our customers! But in my opinion, we provide products that are good-value, reliable and offer high performance. Our products are aimed at all types of customers, those new to Storage, and those who are used to Storage, and this is reflected in the ease of use of our software interface.

How has the computer hardware landscape shifted during your time at Buffalo?

In short, everything has become faster, with greater capacity and available at lower prices. A TB storage device 10 years ago would have cost probably 10 times more than it does nowadays. Mass production and developments in capacity and size of storage devices has made such large capacity devices as common as floppy discs were towards the turn of the millennium.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am constantly engaged with clients and partners, and what little free time I have is spent with the family.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

Mind Reader.

What upcoming products are you particularly excited about?

Two products in particular: the DiskStation™ Ultra with Thunderbolt 2 and the Ministation™ Extreme NFC. The first is an excellent solution for those who need superfast transfers rates for extremely large files – for example 4K video production or CAD design. The latter is an exciting product, as it will allow users to lock and unlock the drive using Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows users to access files on their hard drive without having to remember a password.

What impact will the DiskStation Ultra have on the wider storage market?

This device is high capacity boasting the largest capacity desktop DAS in the industry. This will enable incredible speeds and fast data transfer of extremely large files.

What does the future hold for Buffalo?

Well we have some exciting products on the way that will continue to push the boundary of speed and capacity. We can’t say too much but we have some products on the way that most definitely excite some of current users!

DriveStation DDR – the world’s fastest external hard drive!

Be prepared to be amazed… Our new DriveStation DDR is set to revolutionise the hard-drive market with transfer speeds twice as fast as its competitors.

DriveStation DDR

What’s great about the DDR is that it’s the world’s first external hard-drive to incorporate 1GB of DDR3 memory as cache to boost data speeds. This means the device is perfectly integrated to manage data transfers. Therefore it’s read and write speeds are up to five times faster than our previous hard-drives, and more than twice the speed of its nearest competition in the marketplace.

The USB 3.0 drive offers write speeds of more than 400 MB/s and read speeds above 330 MB/s. This means you can transfer 800MB of digital photos from your PC to the device in under 3.5 seconds and 3,000 digital photos in a mere 13.1 seconds – now that’s impressive!

It’s available with 2TB or 3TB of capacity and is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

The DriveStation DDR is a breakthrough in external storage. It’s an ideal device for users looking for both high speed and high capacity combined – meaning that for the first time they no longer have to choose one or the other.

MiniStation Air stampedes to festive success

Our new MiniStation Air device has really taken off in the past few weeks, and has emerged as one of the UK’s most popular gadget gifts this Christmas.hdw-pu3_m1

On Monday night (December 3) popular tech experts Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward waxed lyrical about the benefits of the portable storage device on the Christmas Special of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. You can watch this in the show’s ‘On The Go’ section here, or click here to watch the show in its entirety.

We’ve also had a series of great write-ups and reviews of the device by some of the UK’s leading tech publications such as Tap!, which recently recommended it as a great, affordable Christmas gadget gift in its special Christmas edition.

So what’s so great about the MiniStation Air I hear you ask? Well… have you ever left the house for a day or gone on holiday for a couple of weeks, only to realise you had forgotten to upload the song, album or movie you really fancied listening to or watching on your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Well, the good news is that the MiniStation Air solves this problem (unless you have a seriously massive amount of music or movies!) By syncing up to 500GB of data and media files from a PC onto the device smartphone, tablet and laptops you can then wirelessly access it on the go, whenever and wherever you like – whether its on the train, catching some rays on a faraway beach, in a hotel or in the park.

The MiniStation Air is perfect for whiling away hours battling through festive traffic jams and train journeys, keeping the family entertained with countless Christmas movies and songs, and if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday over the festive break. It’s like picking up your PC hard drive and taking it away on holiday with you.

To get your hands on the MiniStation Air this Christmas visit Scan, which has the lowest current price point of £99.98 including VAT, as well as Amazon and Dabs.

And click here for more information on the device.