Looking back over our favourites moments

New product launches, events, exhibitions, seminars, services and a new partnership – it was quite a year for the Buffalo Europe team in 2015. With so many fantastic things going on, we struggled to pick just one favourite moment so we have selected some of our main highlights from the year.

The launch of the LinkStation 520

In September we launched our latest consumer NAS (Network Attached Storage) device in the LinkStation range. Its large capacity, new intuitive user interface and super fast transfer rates make the LinkStation 520 ideal for home use and also home offices. Users can store, organise and stream media files from any computer, smartphone or tablet and access them from any location at the click of a button.

MISCO Expo 2015

MISCO is an annual event that gives IT professionals an opportunity to view the very latest innovations that the industry has to offer. We returned to exhibit the latest Buffalo technology.

As always, the event was a fantastic success and it was great to showcase alongside the products and solutions that are shaping today’s technology landscape.

We’re already looking forward to MISCO Expo 2016.

New UPS Drop-Off Service

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we now offer a new UPS drop-off service. This means that if for any reason there is a defect with an item during the warranty period, you can return and exchange products as quick and easily as possible. You can find out more about the service here.

Extended warranty for TeraStations

In September we introduced extended warranty on all new purchases of fully-populated TeraStation devices. Customers now have the opportunity to purchase a warranty extension of one or two years. In addition to our standard warranty period, this means that all TeraStation devices will be secure and protected for up to five years – which is above industry standard. Furthermore, our extended warranty customers are guaranteed a hard drive replacement within 24 hours of if for any reason there is system failure or damage.

Kroll Ontrack partnership

We were excited to announce our new partnership with data recovery experts Kroll Ontrack in November. We are proud that our devices are in-built with robust and varied back-up functionalities; however, there are certain circumstances in which data loss can occur, even with the most capable back-up strategy. Failing technology, human error and natural disasters, such as fire or flooding, can all cause data loss. Access to Kroll Ontrack provides our customers with peace of mind.

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Grownup storage for start-up businesses

Today’s small and mid-sized businesses operate in the same mission-critical environment as their enterprise competitors. And like big businesses, SMBs also have to handle large volumes of data, and maintain the highest levels of uptime – every day and around the clock.

Despite this, an independent survey of IT managers, commissioned by Buffalo Technology, found that:

  • 62% of respondents store their business data on external hard-drives
  • 45% of respondents store their business data on USB sticks or CDs
  • Only 10% of respondents store their business data on NAS devices
  • Only 29% of respondents use an IT specialist to inform their decisions
  • Only 7% of respondents backup their data hourly
  • 37% of respondents backup only once a day

These stats show that many SMBs are not taking backup seriously, even though 9 out of 10 respondents realise they would be impacted through data loss, and 24% have already experienced it.

It has become essential for SMBs to adopt enterprise-class processes and technologies, and this applies to the data storage and management systems that underpin their business. Buffalo Technology’s TeraStation 5000 family of products – which features the TeraStation 5200, 5400, 5600 and 5800 – provide exactly what SMBs need to compete with the larger players. The enterprise-class solution is designed to help them centralise their storage and backup activities, seamlessly and cost-effectively. It does this by providing SMBs with a host of powerful business features and a level of reliability and performance normally only associated with an enterprise environment.

The TeraStation 5000 family of devices are either rack-mounted or freestanding and come with a compact design, which offers a business class/professional-grade NAS operating system. The devices simplify the process of managing data, backups and data sharing in a production environment. They also bring a range of advanced features such as NAS and iSCSI support, multiple levels of RAID technology, failover, support for cloud storage and IP video surveillance integration.

Features like these make the TeraStation 5000 range an ideal data storage and management platform for SMBs. From a business perspective, they are a cost-effective network storage solution for companies that require enterprise-level performance and functionality.