Buffalo’s new cost-effective TeraStation WSS 2012 R2


Our new Windows Storage Server offers businesses a cost-effective solution to IP storage.

This economical Windows Storage Server R2 combines high-performance NAS with the power and convenience of Windows operating system, providing a seamless, efficient and secure solution to network integration and BYOD.

If you have a small/medium size business then this product is invaluable to you. The fully populated series, in either Rackmount or Desktop formats, is available with various capacities from 4 to 24TB.

The TeraStation WSS 2012 R2 comes equipped with powerful Intel Atom Dual-Core processors and enables Active Directory integration, meaning that you can manage access and storage in the same way as you do with your Windows Server.

Supported by RAID the device provides a secure backup function and the hot swap functionality enables you to change disks without any downtime. New features such as work folders, simplify BYOD by enabling users to access work files from their personal computers and mobile devices.

Julia Molzen, Senior Manager Marketing & PR Europe at Buffalo Technology, says:

“The latest Windows Storage Server R2 series delivers convenience and ease of use especially in
Windows environments, without compromising on performance. Making it perfect for small to medium
businesses. New features, such as work folders, facilitate BYOD by enabling users to access
work files from their personal computers and mobile devices.

The TeraStation WSS 2012 R2 covers every business area, providing the backup capabilities required from a high performing and secure data storage solution.


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–          Julia Molzen, Senior Manager Marketing & PR Europe, Buffalo Technology

Hand Picked Hotels Drastically Improves Business Efficiency With Buffalo TeraStation 5400

After evaluating its IT system, Hand Picked Hotels, a collection of 17 bespoke country house heritage properties, dramatically improved its business efficiency by switching to a Buffalo TeraStation 5400 NAS device.

New Hall Hotel & Spa_exterior

As their staff have limited IT experience and little time to spend on resolving issues, by replacing the LinkStation Pro with a 12 TB TeraStation 5400, they have solved these issues by allowing entire backups to be run across the nationwide network.

The TeraStation 5400 has helped Hand Picked Hotels to cut costs and increase efficiency. Employees are no longer required to maintain the system and IT support costs have been reduced. Having achieved three product awards, our TeraStation 5400, was definitely a winning choice for this prestigious hotel group.

Buffalo MiniStation Air video

Ever suffered that annoying moment when the song you really want to listen to isn’t on your smartphone, laptop or tablet? Well as of now, you can ensure that this is a long-gone problem, thanks to our MiniStation Air portable storage device.

The MiniStation Air features it’s own WiFi output that users can connect to with their mobile devices. Once that’s setup, users can transfer up to 500GB of music, movies and data onto the MiniStation Air. Finally, using the MiniStation Air mobile app, they can happily stream all their favourite music to their heart’s content.

For more information about the MiniStation Air check out our brand new video. Get your hands on one now at: http://bit.ly/Y23pyk

Buffalo TeraStation range expanded

We’ve recently announced a series of exciting developments to our business-class storage devices, with the launch of our first Anti-Virus devices (TS5000V) and new TeraStation 7000 enterprise range.

TeraStation 5000 Anti-Virus


Buffalo TeraStation with Trend Micro Anti-Virus software

With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) currently overhauling the IT landscape, our new TS5000V devices enable IT managers who must abide by strict corporate security rules to implement a NAS storage system that meets their security needs. Viruses from personal and external devices are prevented and only authenticated users can access the network, protecting corporate data.

The Anti-Virus devices provide SMBs and enterprises that are planning to strengthen their current security methods with a simple and reliable security system. The anti-virus function is validated on purchase and there is no need for extra configuration after setup, giving users a hassle-free advanced level of security.

The new 4TB TeraStation 5200 Anti-Virus, 8TB 5400 Anti-Virus and 16TB 5400 Rackmount Anti-Virus devices are pre-installed with Trend Micro’s Anti-Virus software, and are the only models of their kind to support real-time scanning. This assures businesses that their data is constantly monitored and, in the case of a virus, an alarm is immediately raised and infected files are automatically removed and saved to a protected folder to prevent the virus spreading.

TeraStation 7000 range


Buffalo’s TeraStation 7000 range

The TeraStation™ 7120r and TeraStation 7120r Enterprise devices mark our first venture into the Enterprise market. They are packed with business-class features such as Active Directory support, disk quota support, share level replication, quad gigabit Ethernet ports supporting link aggregation up to 4Gbps, hot-swap hard drives, iSCSI targeting and add-on PCI-Express card support with approved devices.

The 12-bay, 2 rack unit, mountable devices feature powerful Intel® Xeon® quad core processors, upgradeable DDR3 RAM and enterprise-class hard drive configurations. This makes them ideal for businesses that require a cost-effective, scalable RAID-based network storage solution for large networks and business critical applications.

The TeraStation 7120r Enterprise packs 24TB of high performance, scalable storage, along with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM across 12 enterprise-class hard drives. Its Intel Xeon E3-1275 quad core processor enables businesses to run many programs with minimal performance impact and maintain maximum network throughput while replication and backup jobs run in the background.

The Enterprise device’s sister product, the TeraStation 7120r, is a 12-bay device partially populated with four standard SATA hard drives. It features the Intel Xeon E3-1225 quad core processor and 4GB of upgradeable DDR3 RAM. With eight available bays for capacity expansion, TeraStation 7120r provides simple scalability for future demands.

For further information on our full business NAS range, download our whitepaper here.