A guide to dealing with data for service companies


backup (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

A recent Buffalo Technology survey found that 26% of IT managers’ data is only backed up for a year or less, and 27% aren’t sure if it is being backed up at all. Furthermore, 21% of respondents don’t know if their company is compliant with data laws in their country, and 19% have suffered a security breach in the last year.

With data being the lifeblood of all businesses, whether SMBs or enterprises, backup procedures are essential. IT managers need to ensure their NAS device has backup software that automatically backs up documents along with photos, music and email files, safely and securely.

Our TeraStation range includes a feature that allows the user to create up to 10 backup versions of their data, which means they could set up to 10 consecutive days of backups that can be easily retrieved from their directory. This would be in addition to their ‘usual’ backup actions.

The TeraStation NAS system can be configured in a variety of ways to backup and protect important data, and compression and encryption are available to secure the information. One option is backing up to a USB hard drive, flash drive or digital camera, and this is a simple plug and play process. Alternatively, it’s possible to backup to another TeraStation on the home or office network, or backup remotely over the Internet to a private cloud or Amazon S3 managed cloud service.

In addition to this, a failover facility ensures files or folders are automatically backed up to another NAS device when they are created. The second device steps in to automatically take the place of the first in the event of it failing, preventing the interruption of business operations.

For more information, click here to download our TeraStation 5000 white paper.

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